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Magdalena Energy Healing


Mary Magdalena served a Divine Plan that began 2000 years ago. At the time, she anchored the Divine Feminine Christ Light on Earth. Today we live in a time of unprecedented turmoil and with that comes the opportunity to birth ourselves into the divine beings we truly are.


A Magdalena Energy Session is an opportunity to experience the unique vibrational frequencies of Mary Magdalena. Her healing energies include the frequencies of Light, Love, and Joy, the release of pain and suffering, and the balancing of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies.

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In 2017, following an intense 15 months training, living spiritual master Her Holiness Sai Maa initiated the first group of over 300 students worldwide into these frequencies to serve others. I am deeply honored to be able to offer my services for the transformation and the upliftment of mankind.


Whether the session is offered in person or remotely, the practitioner follows a specific protocol, infusing the energetic layers around the body, the chakras, and organs with LIGHT frequencies. The receiver might feel a deep release, an expansion, a reconnection with their supreme soul. The energy has its own intelligence and works in a manner that’s unique to each and everyone.


To contact Karin for more information on her practice and to schedule an appointment, click here.



Karin Reetz is a certified Magdalena Energy Practitioner and a member of the Magdalena Healing Society. To find out more information, click here.

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