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About Karin


Karin Reetz has been studying healing arts her whole life. She is an avid MEDITATOR and student of YOGA, which led her to becoming an USUI REIKI MASTER with Libby Barnett in 2002, then a KARUNA REIKI MASTER with William Rand in 2006, and an USUI HOLY FIRE III REIKI MASTER with William Rand in 2016.

Karin has also studied 4 Levels of HEALING TOUCH and offers it as a volunteer at Greenwich Hospital in CT.

She then became certified in JIN SHIN JYUTSU, an ancient Japanese art of harmonizing the life energy in the body.

Karin Reetz plays tuning forks to group of peaceful listeners at Yogitecta in Rye Brook.

Listen to Tibetan Bowls here.

Karin discovered Sound Healing in 2011 and is now a PROFESSIONAL SOUND HEALER with the International Academy of Sound Healing IASH from India under the guidance of Master Satya Brat.


In 2017, following an intense 15 months training with living spiritual master 

Her Holiness Sai MaaKarin has become a certified MAGDALENA ENERGY PRACTIONER.  

Read more here


The healing was fantastic. It has been a week since I had my treatment from you and I have no pain in my knees. What a relief! -G.O. Read more testimonials here.

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